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Ashtanga is a system of yoga which involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures, a process producing intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and internal organs. The result is improved circulation, a light, strong body, and a calm mind. Ashtanga is physically rigorous, but with time and practice it becomes a mindful, moving meditation.


Our Vinyasa Yoga class strives to maintain awareness and focus on the breath while moving through a series of postures. The sequence of postures may be different from class to class, but always follow a progression through breathing exercises, warm up, variations of Sun Salutations, a dynamic standing series,  various hip openers and stretches, and a final relaxation.  Classes will usually include some time some time to learn and work on arm balances and inversions if they are in your practice, as well. This style of yoga builds heat, flexibility, and strength while maintaining focus on good alignment. Postures may be held for longer periods of time and will be linked together to unite the body to the breath and the mind. All levels welcome!

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 Donations will be accepted on behalf of a charity that will be announced prior to the class beginning.  All levels welcome!


 A fluid and powerful class, interweaving breath, rhythm, energy movement, sound and meditation. The emphasis in Kundalini Yoga is on activating the life force within, stimulating the immune, nervous, and glandular systems. Awaken your full potential while improving strength, flexibility, and concentration. All levels are welcome. 


Yin yoga is a deep, passive, meditative practice that removes blockages and congestion in our connective tissues (our ligaments, fascia, joints). Poses are held for several minutes to gently stretch, moisten and rehabilitate the connective tissues. In Yin yoga, we are also stimulating the meridian channels of the body, rivers of energy (chi) that run through these tissues. By nourishing these organ channels the chi is able to flow more fluidly. Strong flowing chi supports the physical organs in the body as well as harmonizing our emotional body, resulting in a more balanced state of being.